All you need to know about Huskies

All you need to know about Huskies

Huskies are strong, loving dogs that are family orientated and love being around children.

They can be very energetic and need mental stimulation, so this means they are most suited for families that have some time to spend with them, rather than someone who goes out and leaves them all day on their own.

This breed is part of the Spitz-type dogs group, which are recognised by their long thick fur, pointed muzzle and ears and curly tails.

Huskies originated from north east Siberia, being a working dog breed, they were used to pull heavy freight in extreme terrain and difficult weather conditions. After a while the dogs were imported to Alaska and Canada as sled dogs, households in these countries started to overlook huskies as sled dogs and soon starting keeping them as show dogs and pets rather than working dogs. From then on Huskies became popular as pets in many other countries too. Even now, many people use Huskies as working dogs because they work very hard and can travel long distances on just a small amount of food.

This breed of dog doesn’t bark that much but prefers to communicate with others by howling and is therefore very vocal in that way.  They love to sing along to tunes, doorbells or any other high pitched noises that take their fancy.  Also, Huskies like to communicate with their owners and family members and the more you talk to them, the more they will talk back to you in their own special way.

If you are strong minded and can take control, training a Husky is not difficult, they are very intelligent dogs that can learn easily.

They are more suited for cooler climates as they have a thick double coat of fur, which protects the dog against harsh winters (protects them up to -60 degrees Celsius), another benefit of the double coat is that it also repels the heat in the summer.

Be sure to carrying out regular grooming with this breed due to their thick long coats of boarding surrey

Huskies come in many different colours such as; Black and White, Copper Red and White, Gray and White, Pure White, Silver, Sable and White and even piebald.

So, that’s an outline of the Husky, it traits and personality.  If you are planning on buying a Husky or rescuing a Husky from one of the rescue centres, take into consideration that they do require more exercise and interaction than other breeds of their size.