Bosley pulled like a train

Bosley pulled like a train

dog boarding surreyBosley the Cocker Spaniel came in to Royvon for boarding and training for two weeks whilst his owners were away.  He was a bit older than most of our trainees and had obviously picked up some habits over the years. When I first took Bosley out he was very distracted by smells on the ground and it was very hard to get him to lift his head and give me eye contact, he wanted to walk ahead of me and really pulled on the lead. It took a lot of walking backwards and forwards over the next couple of days in order to get him more focused on me and gradually it started to click and Bosley started to walk with me waiting for his praise and a game. Bosley had developed a bit of a stubborn streak and so I had to be very consistent with his training in order for him to understand that I was in charge, and that actually obeying commands was a positive thing and his efforts and good behaviour would always be rewarded. Once Bosley understood this he became more and more eager to please. Bosley had settled in well Royvon and enjoyed his activity sessions with the other dogs and we would happily look after him anytime his owners want to go away.

Bosleys mum said

“Bosley had always stayed with a retired couple, in their home, who treated him as their own, unfortunately due to ill health they had to cancel this year.

With a holiday already booked I was in a panic and scoured the internet finding Royvon, the reviews were very good and I was interested to see that training was offered.

I was very worried about leaving Bosley in Kennels as he had never been before, the regular photo’s on facebook was a great peace of mind and allowed me to relax on dog boarding surreyholiday.

I asked the trainer to concentrate on ‘walking on the lead’ as Bosley almost throttles himself trying to pull me along – I wondered if he was a husky in a previous life 

When my daughter & I collected him we were astounded with the result that Paula achieved in just 2 weeks, Paula assured me that the only incentive Bosley was given was the promise of a game after i.e. no clicks or treats were used.  Paula spent some time showing us the technique and allowing us to have a go and correcting us when we went wrong, she gave us lots of tips for when we got home.

We are still using her technique and whilst Bosley is not totally cured & has the occasional lapse it’s certainly much more pleasurable to take him out on his lead.”

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