Breeds of Dog that Love to Have a Swim

Breeds of Dog that Love to Have a Swim

dog boarding surreyAll dogs are different when it comes to getting wet or having a swim, some jump in at the first opportunity, others slowly build up their confidence to wade in. Then there are those ones who are scared of water and the rest who simply couldn’t be any less interested if they tried in that large open space of water.

When dogs swim they use the ‘doggy paddle’ swimming style. They swim on their front, with their head above water and they use their paws to carry out a movement through the water, which looks like they are digging.

Not all breeds of dog can or even want to swim, some dogs are happy enough to just go into waist depth and simply take a bath and others happily swim around and love nothing more than completing a few strokes.

Below is a selection of breeds of dogs that are most up for a swim and can’t get enough of the water;

  • Newfoundlanddog boarding surrey
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Golden Retriever
  • Irish Water Spaniel
  • Spanish Water Dog
  • Portuguese Water dog
  • Irish Setter
  • English Setter
  • Poodle

There are many more dogs that love the water; the list above is just a few of them!

Some breeds that are best suited to swimming have added natural assets that aid their swimming ability, these assets include:dog boarding surrey

  • Rudder like Tail
  • Webbed Feet
  • Water Repellent Coat
  • Strength and Stamina

The best time to get your dog used to water is as a puppy but if you don’t have that opportunity it is still possible to teach your dog now.  Some dogs may have had a bad experience with water, so may feel afraid when close to it and others may lack the confidence needed to take the initial plunge.

If you find your dog has one of these issues try to take some time out to slowly build your dogs confidence up around water, as swimming in water, bathing in water and playing in water can be a refreshing and fun experience for dogs.

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