Breeds of Dogs with High Energy Levels

Breeds of Dogs with High Energy Levels

dog boarding surreySome breeds of dogs naturally have high energy levels which means they need lots of mental stimulation or attention and as well as requiring plenty of physical exercise.

These types of dogs are normally characterised as ‘working breeds’ or dogs that have been bred to perform tasks such as herding and hunting.

Listed below are some high energy breeds of dogs and their working traits;

  • Pointer – locating and pointing at small game.  A Pointing Breed.
  • Jack Russell – finding, tracking, or trail quarry and bolting fox from their dens during hunts.  The Jack Russell belongs to the Terrier group of dogs.
  • Border Collie – herding every type of livestock and animals.  Originally from the Anglo-Scottish Border area, the Border Collie is a Herding dog breed.
  • Dalmatian – chasing horse drawn carriages and guarding them as well as often being used as a rescue dog.
  • Husky – pulling sleds, loads and hunting large mammals.  The name ‘Husky’ relates to many different types of sled and snow dogs from the Northern and Artic regions.
  • Golden Retriever – traditionally used to retrieve waterfowl, but now used regularly as an assistance dog for the blind and deaf, for search & rescue roles and also as a drug sniffer boarding surrey
  • Labrador Retriever – originally a retriever of fishing nets, like the Golden Retriever they have a wide range of uses in the modern day such as an assistance dog, search and rescue and use by the Police and Military.
  • Weimaraner – As an all purpose Gun Dog the Weimaraner hunts large game and also smaller animals.  They are also perfect for the water due to the webbing on their feet.
  • Australian Shepherd – as a Herding Dog they were commonly used for herding sheep, although are now more commonly used for search and rescue, detection of various types and also as therapy dogs.
  • Airedale Terrier – a large Terrier, its main use was for hunting otters.  The Airedale has also been used in the UK as a Police Dog.
  • Staffordshire Terrier – A descendant of the Bull Terrier, they were used for joining in sports such as bull baiting and bear baiting.
  • Vizsla – pointing and also retrieving game.  As well as a sporting dog, the Vizsla was also commonly kept in the house as a family dog.

dog boarding surreyIf you do not dedicate a lot of time to Dogs with High Energy, they will become bored, destructive, frustrated and mischievous; especially if they are left to their own devices. They require plenty of physical and mental stimulation to be given and to have an overall active lifestyle.

However if you do spend time with one of these breeds and give them the stimulation that they require, you will be amazed at how intelligent they are and how they love to please their owners and show off their natural skills.

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