Can Dogs See Colours?

Can Dogs See Colours?

dog boarding surreyDogs are like humans in a lot of ways, they just don’t have the complex brain and genetic make-up as we us humans do. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience sights through a dog’s eyes? How do they see? Can dogs see colours like we can?

Below is an insight on how dogs see the world – through their eyes.

A dog’s day to day vision is good but not as strong as their dusk and dawn vision. Their normal vision is 20/75, whereas a human’s perfect normal vision is a 20/20, which is considerably different.

Dogs can see in the distance, just as they can close up, but their eyes are not as powerful as ours, however if the object is moving they have great sight, which allows them to spot moving objects far better than us humans can. A dog’s strongest sense is their nose and their ability to smell, which is far stronger than their eyes. They use their nose to interpret everything that is going on around them. To a dog their nose and smell is their key sense for everyday situations and survival. This therefore means that anything a dog lacks in their eyesight, their nose and sense of smell more than compensates for it.

We interpret and see colours through rods and cones. We humans have three types of cones that enable us to see colours, whereas a dog’s eyes are made up of only two types of cones; this is similar to that of a person with colour-blindness. Cones are special light catching cells and the fewer of these cones you have, the less intense the colour vision will be.

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Dogs can see in colour but not such an advanced rainbow of colours like we can see. They see a different spectrum of colours which consist of dark blue, light blue, grey, light yellow, dark yellow and very dark grey.  So, to a dog a red toy would look dark grey in colour and the green grass would look a yellow colour.

A blue ball would be blue to a dog and a yellow rubber duck would also appear in its correct colour, which is yellow to a dog.

Based on the colour spectrum that dogs can see, it is recommended to have some toys or training aids in blue and yellow, as some dogs may respond more to these colours and will find them more visible to spot.

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