Carrots Make Ideal Treats for Dogs

Carrots Make Ideal Treats for Dogs


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Carrot Treats For Dogs

It may come as a surprise to some people but carrots make an ideal treat for your dog – some dogs go absolutely mad for them!

Feeding your dog a carrot is not only a healthy alternative to some other treats, but it also creates a sense of fun for your dog too.  Carrots are high in vitamins, dietary fibre, minerals and antioxidants, which make them not only good for us humans but for our dogs too.

They have a lot of uses and benefits for dogs which include:

Carrots can be given to help freshen a dog’s breath and clean their teeth. Carrots are made of a texture that when eaten help to aid the cleaning of your dog’s teeth and in turn creates a fresher breath.

Another benefit of carrots is that when they are given to a diabetic dog, it benefits them by creating a steadier blood sugar level throughout the day, slowing the rate of glucose absorption down.

They make an ideal low calorie treat especially for overweight dogs or feeding to large dogs as low calorie treats.

The fun element that comes with carrots is that when you hand your dog a whole carrot he will be very happy as he is being given a big treat. He will very proudly strut off with this long treat in his mouth and will take it somewhere to work on.  Carrots they take longer to eat and last longer than most dog treats, which is great for both you and your dog.

Carrots can also be made into baked treats for dogs. There are many easy to follow recipes that can be found online such as ‘Carrot Cookies for Dogs’:

dog boarding surreyAs with all treats, carrot treats should be given in moderation and as an occasional treat for dogs.

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