Dogs and Emotions

Dogs and Emotions

The more time we spend with our pets, the more we can see their traits and personalities, and anyone that spends time with dogs will see that not only do we humans have emotions, but dogs have them too.  Although we are not sure to the extent of their emotions, dog owners can see their dog’s emotions by observing their body language and signals. dog boarding surrey

Dogs can feel sad, scared, lonely, happy, excited and angry. They do not have the complex thoughts associated with their emotions like we do, but they do still have emotions and will express their feelings accordingly.

Here are some commons ways in which it is clear to see your dog’s emotions:

You have just got some of your dog’s favourite treats out the cupboard, he will probably either:

  • Wag his tail with happiness.
  • Sit down and wait for his treat to be given.

There is thunder and lightning outside, he may:

  • Howl as he is scared.
  • Run away and hide.
  • Stay close to you.
  • Of course some dogs may not even be phased by thunder and lightning.

If you go out and leave your dog at home all day, he might:

  • Howl or bark with loneliness.
  • Destruct his toys or other items.
  • Or some dogs may just sleep all day without doing either of the above.

dog boarding surrey Dogs can also pick up emotions from their owners and act accordingly.

If you have had a bad day at work and are feeling down, your dog will sense this in your body language and will either:

  • Spend time sitting with you and comforting you.
  • Go off on his own and give you some space until you are back to normal.

So it is clear that dogs have emotions and show them in many different ways. As a dog owner you should always be able to tell the way your own dog is feeling by the way he acts and the signs he gives off.

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