Dogs and Their Teeth

Dogs and Their Teeth

Dog’s teeth carry out a wide variety of tasks, whether it be eating, itching, biting, playing, cleaning, carrying and many other jobs, you know that they use their teeth to do it.

dog boarding surreyDogs may chew, nibble, gnaw, tear, grab or crush with their set of teeth, which usually consists of around 42 teeth in an adult dog.  Puppies start with baby teeth which do not include molars. At around 4 months of age these are usually lost and replaced with the adult set which includes fangs, molars, premolars and incisors.

In your dogs diet there should be a mixture of soft and hard foods to ensure that the gums stay healthy, which ultimately leads to healthy teeth. If too much soft food is consumed by your dog then he may end up with dental problems or oral diseases such as Gingivitis or Periodontal disease.

Symptoms that your dog may be suffering with an oral disease include:

  • Swollen Gums
  • Excess Saliva
  • Foul Breath
  • Lumps on the Gums or Tongue
  • Loose Teeth

You should get your dog checked by the vet if you notice any of the above symptoms, so that your dog can be treated early and any serious issues can be ruled out.  To check your dogs teeth at home, lift his lips all around and take a look at the teeth, gums, tongue, and of course while you are doing so, smell to see if there are any changes in your dogs breath.

Regularly brushing your dogs teeth and giving your dog dental treats will help to prevent oral diseases, however if idog boarding surreyt is not possible for you to brush your dogs teeth, you should consider taking your dog to get his teeth cleaned at the vet every now and then to remove any build-ups of plaque and tartar.

The bottom line is; never ignore oral issues in your dog, as the bacteria can sometimes affect not only your dog’s mouth, gums and teeth but his heart and kidneys too.

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