Emma’s Royvon Experience

Emma’s Royvon Experience

Emma is a 1 year old Tibetan Terrier who lives in London. She first came to stay at Royvon during Easter where she received In-home bespoke dog training with Sarah at her home and also completed our 3 week Residential Dog Training obedience programme with David. As she enjoyed her first stay with us so much, Emma’s owner booked her in for the summer.

She spends her days at our Royvon facility in Merthyr Tydfil enjoying 2 group plays with all her friends and having training with David. In the evening she goes home with Sarah and her family including their Standard poodle Lucci.

Emma loves playing with other dogs, especially the high energy breeds that can play as long as her! She nibbles them on the legs to instigate some play then off they go. Her new best friend at the moment is JJ a female Labrador. At home with Sarah she loves to play with lucci and cleans him all over while he lies back enjoying the fuss. By 9pm she’s laid out on the rug fast asleep worn out for the day’s activities.

David has taught Emma a whistle recall during this stay and has also trained dog boarding surreyEmma to do an out of sight stay. Emma loves treats so David motivates Emma by rewarding her with her favourite treat to reinforce her good behaviour.

During her stay Emma has enjoyed some country walks and visits to our local parks with her friends Winston and Charlie. She is very well behaved and walks beautifully to heel. She follows Sarah every where and gets quite jealous when Sarah makes a fuss of our other guests. We are all going to miss but I think Sarah and her youngest Son Danny will miss her the most.

We hope she’ll be visiting again very soon………..

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