Eye Care for Dogs

Eye Care for Dogs

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When carrying out regular health checks on your dog, you should always include examining your dog’s eyes.  Just like our eyes, dog’s eyes are irreplaceable and they only get one set of them!

Dog’s eyes should be bright and clear, with the area outside the eyeball being white. In the corners of your dog’s eyes there should be no discharge, crusty residue or visible cuts.

The pupils in both eyes should be of identical size.

When looking closer at your dog’s lower eyelid, check to ensure that the lining is pink and not white or red. A small amount of discharge is normal In your dog’s eyes, but if you want, you can wipe away any discharge with a damp cotton wool ball, if not, just leave it, it will naturally work its way out.

We can try to prevent eye problems from occurring in dogs by including some additions to their diet.  You can add a wide range of enrichments such as; parsley, carrot, sunflower seeds and green vegetables, or vitamin supplements such as; Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Bioflavonoids and Pycnogenols, which all help with eye health.

If you observe any of the following eye symptoms make sure you get your dog checked out by the vet:

  • Change in Eye Colour
  • Different Pupil Sizes
  • Thick Discharge or Crustiness
  • Cloudiness over Eye
  • White or Red Eye Lining
  • Fur that is Tear Stained
  • Difficulty Opening Eye
  • Cuts on Eye
  • Third Eyelid visible

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The above eye symptoms could be caused by a number of reasons, most of which can be easily treated, especially if you ensure that you take action sooner rather than later.

Some dog breeds have a specific weakness to obtaining eye problems, so look into whether your dog breed has any eye ailments that are commonly observed in his breed.

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