Having Fun with your Dog at Christmas

Having Fun with your Dog at Christmas

Christmas time is nearing and the excitement is increasing; it doesn’t matter how old you are a human or a dog, this time of year is always full of fun and happiness.

dog boarding surreyDogs sense our happiness and read our body language; our happiness rubs off on them. Some dogs get excited when you walk through the door with bags of Christmas shopping; some dogs get excited at the sight of the Christmas decorations and the tree appearing. Other dogs get excited at the sight of wrapped Christmas presents – maybe your dog gets thrilled at all three of these prospects.

However caution and care must be taken at Christmas time with dogs, there is lots of fun to have with them too.

Fun things to do with your dog at Christmas:

  • Give your dog a Kong to amuse him; these can be stuffed with various treats or even a tasty filling.
  • Spend time with you dog, they are happiest when you are around, just chilling out with your pooch will make them very happy.
  • Go for a long walk. Walks are what dogs live for and they love them, try to make them as varied and fun as possible.
  • Make your dog his own Christmas dinner including meat and vegetables that are safe for dogs.  Safe vegetables include carrots, broccoli, peas and beans and any meat given should be lean, without fat or bones.   Do your research as to what foods are safe and what foods you need to avoid feeding your dog, as dogs with health issues may need to stick to a strict diet.
  • Let your dog unwrap his Christmas presents. Some dogs find it fun when you give them their Christmas present, which they then take away to work on. Finally after unwrapping it themselves, the surprise pops out.  Take care to ensure that no staples or tape are used though.  Unwrapping presents is not suited to all breeds of dogs, if you know you have a dog that will enjoy eating wrapping paper or you have a dog that is destructive around the house unwrapping presents may not be ideal for dogs with those types of behaviours.
  • dog boarding surreyBake some dog friendly cookies for Christmas. Your dog will love laying down watching you preparing the cookies and finally smelling the aromas coming from the oven. Favourites include peanut butter cookies and pumpkin cookies.  Obviously take caution with specific ingredients if your dog has a certain allergy and also other dogs may have certain dietary needs, so you will need to cater for those too.

These are just a few of the kinds of fun things that you can do with your dog this Christmas, but remember that all dogs are different, so some may enjoy doing certain things more so than others.

You know what your own dog is like, his age, health and behaviour, so with this in mind you can use some of these ideas and your own to make Christmas a fun and enjoyable time for Fido too.