How To Toilet Train A Puppy

How To Toilet Train A Puppy

Major points to consider when bullet-proofing your toilet training plan:

Establish comfortable sleeping quarters for you boarding surrey

  1. Understand your puppy’s development and routines.
  2. Manage 100% of their time.
  3. Use timely reinforcements and rewards.
  4. Be consistent.
  5. Repeat.

#1  When training your puppy it is important that you establish the difference between the puppy’s sleeping area, that it is a clearly designated area that is introduced as a bed and not a toilet, to avoid accidents.

#2  Understand how often a puppy needs to go to the toilet, when they need to go and how long they can hold it given their age – most 7-12 week old puppies will relieve themselves every 20-30 minutes and after every activity (including sleep), and as soon as 5-10 minutes after drinking.

#3  It is important to have complete control of your puppy’s time, in other words, 100% management of what they do at every moment in the day, every day.  It is necessary to understand how often a puppy needs to go to the toilet.

The following chart is an approximation of what you can expect in terms of ultimate control.

(Note that this is dependent on the breed of dog and exact age of the puppy)

Puppy’s Age

Time Between Toilet Trips

2 Months

2 Hours

3 Months

4 Hours

4 Months

5 Hours

5 Months

6 Hours

6 Months

7 Hours

7 Months

8 Hours

dog boarding surrey#4  Use immediate reinforcement, whether that is positive or negative, at the exact moment of the behaviour. Choose a command word for your training, and say it every time you go outside for toilet time, helping the puppy associate the word with going to the toilet.

A reward can be anything the puppy likes. Vary the reward to keep it fresh, interesting and fun, give the reward immediately following the desired behaviour.

#5  As the puppy further develops, you extend the time between taking them out, and you become more familiar with their digestive schedule and ways of telling you they have to go out. Do not punish a puppy with harm under any circumstance, it is not necessary, it will not be effective, it will have a negative effect on your bonding.

Is important to keep this training consistent especially in new environments, to ensure the puppy knows what is acceptable.

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