Jim Adamson – Coventry Manager Royvon

Jim Adamson – Coventry Manager Royvon

As we open our new branch in Coventry, we could think of no one better to manager our newest venture than Jim Adamson. Jim has known the founders of Royvon since the beginning, having owned, breed and shown dogs since the age of 6 we couldn’t think of anyone better to manage Royvon’s newest venture.

dog boarding surreyJim started training German Shepard’s at the age of 12, whilst working part time at a kennel; however his association with Royvon goes back to the 1980’s.  When Jim went to work for a German Shepard kennel in Cheltenham boarding, he showed his own German Shepherds, and it’s at shows that Jim found out about Royvon and their worldwide known German Shepard’s. At the time Royvon were hosing champion Red Rum. To which this day the block in Esher branch is named after this award winning German Shepard.

Jim’s Career

Jim along with the late Yvonne James, is a founder member of Heads of Valleys German Shepard Dog Club, 1980. Also being a delegate for German Shepard breed council. Jim has been running obedience and agility training ring craft classes with German Shepard’s since a young age.

Jim served as a member on various canine society committees and in the 1990’s Jim was tattooist for the National Dog Register for Mid Glamorgan, encouraging and promoting permanent identification for dogs. Jim campaigned his dogs all over Europe, he has 6 dogs qualified for Crufts 2013.

dog boarding surreyFor over 30 years Jim has been judging all over country for many different clubs providing him with a great knowledge of all breed dogs makes him extremely knowledgeable in the field. This is why Jim will be managing our Coventry branch, ensuring a smooth transition and a continuation of high quality service.

Quote from Jim:

“I will naturally be sad to leave Royvon Merthyr and the team that I have worked with directly however I am very excited about the move to Coventry. Being a great dog lover myself it will be like an army manoeuvre up-routing all my 9 dogs,  Duffy a rescue black Labrador, Nisha Afghan Hound, German shepherd’s Arco, Kamilla, Bria, Aeiko, Tia, Yolande, Celina, and her 10 week old pup paloma, along with various other small animals including my canaries to the new branch. To move this army of animals the use of a removal van, the Royvon van and my car, attached with dog trailer is required!”

My personal contact details are: jim@royvon.co.uk

and my direct line is 01685 352130

We are all excited about our new Coventry branch and are sure that all staff and Jim will do a fantastic job there!