Keeping your Dog Healthy during Wintertime

Keeping your Dog Healthy during Wintertime

As winter time is often cold and damp this creates the perfect conditions in which viruses need to survive and it is during these colder months when viruses becomes rife.

dog boarding surreyIt is not just viruses that occur in the winter months but all kinds of new ailments can arise or a pre-existing condition can become irritated by the colder weather.

During these months extra care should be given to your dog in order to keep him healthy during winter time. Here is what you can do to help your hound stay healthy during winter time:


  • Feed your dog a well balanced diet and ensure that he has enough of the right nutrients will assist him in staying strong and will help him to fend off viruses. 
  • Regular walks are also important as they will keep your dog healthy by improving circulation, strengthening the immune system, reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke and helping to decrease the risk of various other diseases.
  • If you walk your dog in the rain ensure that you dry him off completely when you return home, so that he has less chance of developing a cold.
  • If your dog is at risk of developing hip or elbow dysplasia or is over a certain age, ensure that you give your dog appropriate supplements. These are actually recommended to be given to your dog all year around. It is winter time however when you may notice stiff joints or certain ailments occurring, so ensuring your dog has the necessary additives is crucial.
  • Occasionally herbs can be added to your dog’s food. There are many different types, some can help certain ailments and others can boost your dog’s immune system. Be sure to look up or ask advice as to which herbs are safe for dogs first.
  • Ensure that your dog does not spend too long outside in the cold, wet or damp weather as this can weaken his immune boarding surrey
  • Providing coats or jackets for smaller or short haired dogs is a must if the weather is cold or if it is raining.
  • Make sure that your dog’s bed is out of the way of any draughts, as being in these conditions can increase the chance of your dog catching a cold and can cause joint pains.

If you follow these hints and tips for keeping your dog healthy during wintertime, you are helping your dog to steer clear of viruses and any other ailments that crop up in the winter months and increasing your dog’s chances of being happy and healthy.