Keeping Your Dog Warm in Winter

Keeping Your Dog Warm in Winter

dog boarding surreyNow that the temperature is dropping well below zero, mornings and evenings are bitterly cold, we are often greeted with the unwelcome frost, snow and icy conditions. This time of year it is important to keep our dogs warm and comfortable in these cold months! Dependent on the breed, some dogs may feel the cold more than others, naturally smaller and short haired dogs are more likely to feel the cold than larger or long haired dogs.

Your dog’s fur coat is simply not enough by itself to keep your dog suitably warm.

So read on for tips on how to keep your dog warm in winter.

  • Always ensure that your dog has a warm bed with appropriate cushions and bedding so that they will retain body heat and stay warm.  This is especially important for older dogs and dogs with arthritis, although they may benefit more from a heated style bed.
  • Make sure your dogs bed is positioned away from draughts and door openings if possible, this will minimise your dog’s chances of contracting potential cold related health risks.
  • If your dog particularly feels the cold get him a heat pad for his bed, these can be heated up easily in the microwave and used straightaway as and when they are needed.
  • Take your dog on shorter walks in the colder weather so that you are both not out in the chilly temperatures for too long at any time.
  • Feed your dog regularly to provide energy and body warmth for your dog in winter time, but be sure to not over feed. Small regular portions will help.
  • Depending on the size and breed of your dog, invest in a dog coat or dog jacket for the winter months. This will make walks more enjoyable for your dog and keep him warm.
  • Groom your dog well so that his natural coat will insulate him against the cold and even repel against the rain. A matted coat prevents the natural coat from working to its full potential. Avoid giving your dog a haircut before winter as your dog will need his coat to keep him insulated through the winter months.

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Lastly if your dog lives outside, consider bringing him into your home for the cold winter months. If this is not possible make sure he has an appropriate insulated dog house with a sloping roof and that the entry gap can be closed off with a flap, this will retain warmth, stop leaks and also halt harsh winds from blowing straight into the dog kennel.

If you follow some or all of these simple tips and hints for keeping your dog warm in winter, the result will be a very happy dog that is warm, comfortable and content this winter.