Microchipping Your Dog At Royvon

Microchipping Your Dog At Royvon

dog boarding surreyRoyvon understand how important your dogs are to you and how heart-breaking it can be when they go missing. This is why we are now offering mircochipping as part of our service; we have fully trained qualified staff using the smallest chip and needle on the market; 8mm x 1.4mm implant.   Microchipping is a safe and painless way to permanently identify your dog. This method of identification has a number of advantages over the use of a collar and tag. Some dogs do not wear their collar at all times and stolen dogs are likely to have their collars removed. This permanent   identification method is effective at all times.

There are many benefits for dogs which have been permanently identified with a  microchip:

dog boarding surrey

  • Quick reunification between pet and owner
  • Easier resolution of ownership disputes
  • Ability of vets to contact dog owners in any case of emergency
  • All puppies being traceable to their breeder thereby helping reduce the problem of puppy farming of dogs
  • Potentially detection of dog theft would be easier
  • Reinforcement of responsibilities of the owner to their pet under the Animal Welfare Act

The service will take place in a sterile facility with sterile equipment with our Pet Care Trust Association accredited staff. If you do decide to have your dog mircochipped at Royvon you will also receive a discount off your next booking with Royvon. Please contact us today if you would like to have your dog microchipped.