Munchkin and Muttley love home comforts

Munchkin and Muttley love home comforts

Munchkin and Muttley two cavachon’s came to live with me for just over a week. Both dogs have attended my Puppy class and Munchkin had stayed with me previously for dog boarding surreytoilet training. The family had, had quite a few issues with Munchkins feeding habits and they had just got on top of it and so they decided that having both dogs stay with me whilst they were away would be best as they already knew me. Munchkin has always been a shy little dog and it takes him a little while to get used to new people and dogs. Muttley is a bit more bouncy and outgoing however had developed a strange habit of spooking at large objects. I was very pleased with how both dogs settled in at mine as  between me and my partner we have six dogs all medium to large in size. As our dogs are very use to having strange dogs stay, they took little to no notice of these two small wary dogs. This very relaxed attitude definitely helped them to settle. Every day the dogs would come to work with me and take part in the activity sessions which also helped them to build their confidence and at night they would come home and then come out for a walk with our dogs. By the end of their stay with me they were both following me around and eagerly jumping in and out of my car with anticipation of the fun that was to come. Both dogs both dogs returned to their family content and exhausted from the week’s events.

dog boarding surreyNichola said

“Upon our return it was quite clear over the coming days that both dogs that had been very shy of other dogs, had considerably improved in their confidence albeit this now included climbing the stairs and being found chilling on the brand new sofa!

We feel that the dogs themselves have considerably developed in their confidence and their respective views on their surroundings, not only do they appear outwardly happier in themselves but additionally are much readier to explore things around them whilst out for long walks in the country, this ultimately can only be of a real benefit to the dogs and thank you Paula and the team for effectively bringing them out and away from their trepidation of the outside world.”

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