Nell’s Success Story

Nell’s Success Story

dog boarding surreyWhen young Nell, a Springer Spaniel arrived here at Royvon she was your typical springer spaniel, very boisterous, selective hearing and full of energy! Nell’s owner Marian came to Royvon with the hope that I could train Nell’s energetic personality to listen to commands, giving Marian the ability to have better control of Nell at home and when out in public places and socializing with other dogs. The main challenges which Marian wanted me to work on with Nell and resolve were to stop her from jumping up on people, walking to heel, recall, stay, mouthing/biting and improving her general obedience.

At the start of the complete 3 week training program with Nell I worked on her basic skills, this was difficult at times as she was very excitable, which did make it difficult for Nell to concentrate. However over time Nell progressed, improving her concentration, she was able to do more and more around distractions such as other dogs and people. At the end of the program Nell had improved on all dog boarding surreythe points which Marian wanted addressed and was very pleased with the progress Nell and I had made.

Nell’s mother said:-

“She settled in well with me and my husband, we are really pleased with the progress she’s been making and she is definitely a much better behaved dog compared to before, it hasn’t all been plain sailing though however the training she received has been a really good start for us and we have been building on the basic commands you taught us and working on different areas relevant to how she can be with us in her new environment.”

“Nell seems to have had a great time in Merthyr, many thanks for all your care and attention and the really helpful session with you on the day we took her home.”

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