Puppy training class

Puppy training class

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Royvon puppy training course: How to Train & Shape a Puppy’s Behaviour

Royvon’s puppy training techniques are ideal during the most critical development in a puppy’s life, between the ages of 10 & 20 weeks, when most of the young dog’s learning occurs. This short window of time is the perfect age for your puppy to attend our puppy training courses.

Our puppy training class offers a unique combination of basic dog obedience and puppy training which will have the greatest impact on your dog’s future social behaviour – creating a well-balanced puppy for you to enjoy.

Our puppy training course covers:-

  • Puppy toilet training
  • Easy puppy obedience and behaviour shaping exercises
  • How to reinforce desired puppy behaviour
  • How to stop unwanted puppy behaviour
  • How to socialise your puppy and much more…

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