Re-Homing Dogs

Re-Homing Dogs

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It is a wonderful thing to take in and adopt a dog needing a new home, whether it be a rescue dog from a centre or stray, however this can prove challenging as the dogs past may be unknown. The dogs past or bad habits may lead to an unruly new house guest, in order for your new house guest to settle in to their new home see below for some tips for owners:

Do your research- Choose the breed of the dog carefully making sure your personality traits such as patience, energy levels etc. match. This is important as some rescue dogs depending on their age will require different levels of attention, this is why it’s also essential you seriously consider if you are able to dedicate the right amount of time to the dog it requires in order for it to feel comfortable in its new home. The temperament of the breed also needs some research; different breeds have a combination of typical behaviours.

Consider what age of dog suits you best. Puppies are more difficult to find in rescue centres, older dogs are more common as they find it more difficult to fin permanent homes. The benefits of an older dog are that it is more than likely already trained to a basic standard and more than likely toilet trained. However if this is not the case it is possible to train an older dog, it just requires more time. This is where Royvon can help so please contact us if you find yourself in a similar position.

Ask about the dogs past: this is sometimes unknown if the dog was a stray and taken in by a rescue centre but where possible gather as much background information on the dog as possible, past owners, behaviour, eating habits anything that will help you make the dog as happy and comfortable as possible.

Training. If you do wish to train the dog yourself remember that even though the dog is a rescue dog, dogs live in the momentdog boarding surrey and whatever dog behavioural or training issues they may have been left with will not be improve if you treat them with pity. Good leadership with a combination of sensitivity and understanding of the dogs past is the best way to train rescue dogs. The dog needs to learn who their new master and how to live and act in their new surroundings.
Re-homing a pet dog could be one of the most satisfying things you ever do. A little extra loving and effort may be required but you will find that rescue dogs make fantastic, loyal loving pets.