Residential Dog Training

Residential Dog Training

Residential training services are becoming increasingly more popular as an option for dog training, one of the primary reasons for choosing this route is due to our fast paced and varied lifestyles. Residential training can offer great benefits; however, it is not for every dog, or every owner.  This document has been written to explore the pro’s and con’s of residential training services to help dog owners make an informed decision.

Royvon achieves outstanding success rates with 99% of customers saying the training met or exceeded their expectations…

Royvon are UK leaders of Residential Dog Training with fully qualified trainers through the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers.

What is Residential Training?dog boarding surrey

Residential training involves the dog living residentially at the training school for the duration of the training.  The dog is kennelled and allocated to one an experienced trainer whose main responsibilities are to:

  •  Understand the behaviour management challenges.
  • Create the necessary bond with the dog and earn its trust in order to successfully train the dog.
  • Set realistic expectations for the owner at course end.
  • Schedule a follow-up session with the owner and dog, providing the necessary aftercare support.

 The Benefits:

  •  Efficient – All obedience training requires the owner to learn and practise the skills, residential training puts the hard work in up-front, therefore transitioning an already-trained dog back to their home environment.
  •  Effective – Obedience is expected and reinforced at all times, there is little opportunity for conflicting messages outside of the training sessions to interfere with what’s being learned.


  • Controlled -  Expert trainers are able to simulate complex situations to challenge the dog with the utmost sensitivities to their safety and level of learning.
  • Commitment- Dogs  are opportunists and will fall into old habits if allowed to do so.  Residential training will not be effective if the owner does not become pro-actively involved in keeping up with the training.
  • Consistency -  Obedience cannot be turned on and turned off, rules must be established both in and outside of the home, and be consistent with all members and visitors  to the boarding surrey

The Considerations:

  • For some dogs and breeds in particular, do not take to kennelling and are vulnerable to losing weight or falling ill.  Royvon has experienced trainers which will be aware of your dog’s needs and temperaments to make your dog comfortable and happy, promoting learning.
  • The expectations for the service do not meet the behavioural problem, or problems presented. Some behaviour may resume when the home routine resumes, this is why Royvon offer a 6 month aftercare service where clients are able to seek further advice or lessons 6 months after the dog has left us.

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