Royvon Olympics 2012 – Team GB

Royvon Olympics 2012 – Team GB

dog boarding surreyTo celebrate the London 2012 Olympics, each day our guests will be taking place in an Olympic event and competing with one another in order to have their shot at winning a medal. We have many events taking place such as hurdles, swimming, tennis, Tug o War, 100 meter fetch, K9 Volleyball and many more. Which event do you think your dog will be best at? Do you have a doggy diver, ping pong  pooch, hurdling hound or other canine sports star?

We would like you and your friends to nominate a dog from our guests for each event. Our trained stewards and Judges will ensure a smooth running of the events and that there is no foul play and all scores are awarded fairly. Each day the winner of the day’s event will be posted on our Facebook page. Check in on Facebook everyday to find out if your dog is the Royvon gold medallist that day. Andy our activities manager and his colleagues will provide commentary on the events to keep you as informed as possible, we hope you enjoy it.

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We are afraid that yesterday’s schedule of events had to be changed at the last minute as although we are Team GB in relation to dog training I’m afraid our efforts failed in ensuring that our guests had mastered the art of cycling in order to join in with yesterday’s cycling time trials that passed our facility yesterday. Congratulations to Bradley Wiggins, you where awesome. We did however manage to hold our Royvon swimming event. Keep posted to see the winner of forthcoming events.

Royvon Olympic Results:
Tyson wins 100 meter fetch
Ozzie wins Swimming Freestyle
Gold for Venus, Bobby and Sadie
Gold medal for Bongo
Max Wins Gold
Gold in the High Jump goes to Tiger
Gordon’s are looking for Gold
It’s a Gold for Pumpkin
Gold for Bobby’s 1st Birthday
Gold for Roxy in the Surrey Sun
Oscar wins his second gold
Big Gold for little George
Welly gets Gold for Craziest Spaniel
Did your dog get a Gold Part 01
Did your dog get a Gold Part 02


More to follow


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