Ruby, Bulldog

Ruby, Bulldog

Ruby is one of our regular guests, she spends weekdays with us while herĀ  mammy and daddy go to work, here she has made lots of friends who she likes playing with in play group, she also likes lazy strolls in the field and cuddles with the team.

dog boarding surreyRuby also came to stay with us for a holiday for two weeks, as she all ready knows all of the team it took her no time to make her self at home, she spent her days chilling out in her suit and making new friends in group she also enjoyed a trip to a nature reserve where we went on a butterfly hunt.

We also went on a trip to Cyfarthfa park with some of her new friends Emma, Winstone, Charlie and JJ we all had a great time watching the ducks and playing in the grass.

At night time ruby who was used to having lots of company would come home with me where she would play with my dogs Ben a king Charles spaniel and Lacee a standard Poodle, we would also go for walks around the field, by this time ruby would be tierd and ready for bed, when Ruby was ready for bed I would text her mammy to say she was in her suit and her mammy could then log on to the web cams to see her having her favourite treat of crab sticks before going off to sleep.

Rubys Mammy and Daddy have now picked her up and she has gone home after her Royvon adventure but we will see Ruby in daycare when her Mammy goes back to work,

See you soon Ruby.

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