Sumter’s Success Story

Sumter’s Success Story

Sumter came to our Merthyr branch on the Complete Training Package in October 2012. Sumter is a Kerry blue terrier.  At the age of 17 months, he was full of energy, and on times could also be quite stubborn but on the other side very keen, willing to learn and eager to please.

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Sumter came to us already knowing a lot of basic control as his owner Sarah had worked quite hard on his training – however Sumter had a tendency to choose as and when he would like to listen and was very easily distracted.

At the start of the course Sumter was quite stubborn and wilful just as he had been with his owner, but over time with consistency and plenty of positive reinforcement Sumter started to want to please.  Each training session you could see his focus getting much stronger and more willing to learn. Sumter is very bright so he understood and would listen to commands very easily with some practice; the biggest test for Sumter was to put this around other dogs.

Previously Sumter could be quite vocal and to the untrained eye could seem like he’s being aggressive to other dogs. At the start of his first distraction training he was easily distracted but again, reinforcement and consistency during his training with plenty of rewards Sumter become much more manageable in these situations. Sumter was also on our 5 Star package which also enabled him to be able to play and interact with different dogs whilst he was with us and not training, this helped his social skills immensely.

On collection Sumter exceeded his owner’s expectations and learned to work with her wonderfully in the training session.  You could really see that Sumter has the perfect owner, one who understood his needs.

Sumter’s Owner’s Response

“Sumter had always been responsive and could ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘lie down’ and ‘roll over’ but on HIS terms. Although he loves to please, he was easily distracted and not always dog boarding surreyobedient. Linzie developed an extraordinary relationship with him and he behaved with her as if he was under a spell; it was entirely wonderful to watch.”

“The photos of him in training were impressive and culminated in the final performance on the day I collected him when he showed off his skills with another dog in close proximity. It was almost unbelievable what Linzie had achieved… and I have the greatest admiration for her and the dedication she displays in her work. She was overly generous in the amount of time she spent explaining the training techniques and aspects of dog behaviour to me in ‘my training session’ and I never felt rushed or that I was wasting her time.”

“ I have to mention that it was Linzie’s day off and she had especially rearranged things to accommodate me.
Now of course, I am back without Linzie and it is early days! I have high hopes that Sumpi and I will be able to put on a good performance because I have seen what is possible and how to try and achieve the same results…I am off to buy tins of hot dog sausages……!”