Teaching Buddy control and manners

Teaching Buddy control and manners

dog boarding surreyBuddy is a 7 month old Golden Retriever who came to us the beginning of September on a three week residential course. The owner was having problems with him jumping up biting and mouthing not aggressive just over friendly, but did leave her with bruises and marks on her legs.

While Buddy was here he could be quite stubborn. When I first started taking him out he would sometimes just stop and sit and even show his teeth, but with a lot of patience and encouragement he started to walk coming to heel. Buddy picked up the heel work quite quickly as he did with other commands such as sit, stay and down.

During Buddy’s stay with us he never really showed the behaviour that the owner had referred to and was having problems with, behaviour such as jumping up, mouthing and biting. Buddy was displaying some of the behaviour his owner was referring to such as showing his teeth which soon stopped as Buddy was pre occupied and concentrating on the commands he was being given. Buddy was doing well working with me, being occupied whilst learning he gradually stopped displaying his bad habits.

After the three weeks of working with Buddy his owner came to collect him, Buddy gave an excellent demonstration of all he had learnt dog boarding surreyduring his time at Royvon.  He worked really well with his owner too.  I discussed with the owner Buddy’s daily exercise and how a good mix of his training and free time gives the best results, keeping his mind and body stimulated. I told the owner that using Buddy’s free time is a really good way of rewarding him when he obeys the commands he is given.

It’s been two weeks now since Buddy has gone home and the owner has informed me that his behaviour is a lot better, no more biting and mouthing. The owner has informed me that Buddy is a really loving loyal dog and a pleasure to have around at home.