Understanding and Training a Weimaraner

Understanding and Training a Weimaraner

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As we have four staying with us for either Doggy Day care or Dog Training todays breed profile is the Weimaraner, so please have a read and find out more about Blue, Jazzie, Koda & Tilly.

Weimaraners are ideal candidates for dog training as although this is a highly capable breed it is often difficult to manage – not because it’s a bad dog, rather in consideration of the following breed characteristics:


Require extensive exercise: No walk is too long

Often high-strung and rambunctious, most especially in their first year

Known to be protective and territorial

Have a high prey drive

They are fast & powerful

These are not bad characteristics, they just require patient, firm, but kind Weimaraner dog training. These characteristics also make them particularly well suited todog boarding surrey recall training. Also know that the Weimaraner is a very good problem-solver, thus by training Weimaraners they can and will learn how to be calm and follow instruction, all whilst assuming the role of the aristocratic dog they were meant to be.

The Weimaraner is elegant and athletic in appearance. All parts of the dog should be in balance with each other, creating a form that is pleasing to the eye. It must be capable of working in the field, regardless of whether it is from show stock or hunting stock. Traditionally, the tail is docked and at maturity it should measure approximately 6 inches. This is part of the AKC breed standard. However, these alterations have since been illegalized in several other countries including the UK as such those dogs are shown with their natural tails.

The eyes of the Weimaraner may be light amber, grey, or blue-grey.

This breed’s short coat and its unusual eyes give it a regal appearance different from any other breed. The coat is extremely low maintenance, short, hard, and smooth to the touch, and may range from charcoal-blue to mouse-grey to silver-grey. Where the fur is thin or non-existent, insdog boarding surreyide the ears or on the lips, for example, the skin should be a pinkish tone rather than white or black. This breed does not have an undercoat, so extreme cold should be avoided. While their coat is short, this breed does shed.

Royvon Dog Training Schools sees a fair share of Weimaraners on our dog training courses because they have such a regal presence and when appropriately trained, they are alert, responsive and exceptionally capable. Royvon’s Weimaraner dog training can help bring out these desirable qualities. They can also be aloof to strangers, which is an appreciated trait for those who don’t care to own a socially needy pet, yet still have the energy and desire to work, play and keep up with an active agenda.

Royvon specialise in recall training for Weimaraners.

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