Uggie the Jack Russell Terrier Steals the Show

Uggie the Jack Russell Terrier Steals the Show
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Uggie on Skate Board








Uggie is a 9 year old Jack Russell who has two nominations for Best Canine in a Theatrical Film, at the Golden Collar Awards which is taking place in February, and it is looking very likely that he will receive top honors at the awards ceremony.

Uggie is a star at heart and when it comes to performing he excels himself; from his outstanding performances in popular films such as The Artist and Water For Elephants to his special dog appearance on the TV show Ellen, he never fails to impress all those who’ve had the lucky opportunity of meeting him or even those that have to settle for second best, watching him in action on screen.

The Jack Russell carries out various tricks such as performing on a skateboard, communicating and moving on command and even cute acts that can’t fail to steal your heart such as; hiding his face and cowering, as though he is embarrassed, after being planted with a kiss.

Uggie has 2,700 followers on Twitter, so it’s clear he has a large fan club out there and maybe this is why Simon Cowell is so keen to perform alongside him and get a bit of the action.

The future is looking positive for Uggie and we will have to wait until February to see what happens at the Golden Collar Awards as he has stiff competition to contend with.

Jack Russell’s are known to have an excellent working ability and to be a very intelligent breed of dog. Owners are often surprised at how clever and amusing their Jack Russell turns out to be, which is why it is no surprise that Uggie has turned out to be such a success.

We will be covering more detail about Jack Russell’s and their breed qualities in a later blog so stay tuned.



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