Welcoming the Spring and Plenty of Fresh Air

Welcoming the Spring and Plenty of Fresh Air

dog boarding surreyIt’s clear to see that spring has finally arrived; the flowers are blooming, the days are lighter for longer, there is not such a chill in the air and it’s this time of year that is perfect for enjoying longer walks or outings with your canine companions.

Spring is ideal for longer walks with your dogs, or for taking your dogs for days out in the car as the weather is ideal, not too hot, and not too cold.

You and Fido can enjoy the country parks, have some fun exploring the woodland walks, spend some time playing fetch or in your local fields, even get some vital dog training time in.

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Spring and Tick Bites

Although this time of year is perfect for getting out and about and breathing some much needed fresh air in our lungs, unfortunately something nasty shares that same love of this time of year…..and that is ticks.

Ticks carry a nasty disease called Lyme Disease, this disease is the most common disease spread from ticks throughout the world.

The symptoms you would notice in your dog would be:-

  • Your dog lacking in strength in his limbs, this is because his joints are inflamed.
  • Your dog lacking in appetite.
  • Your dog acting depressed.

If you feel your dog has any of the above symptoms or on closer examination of his skin you can see black looking pins that appear attached, these are most likely ticks that have buried in the skin and are gorging on your dogs blood, so action should be taken to remove these ticks and depending on the severity, antibiotics may be needed for your dog.

Ensure to take action as if left, Lyme disease can turn nasty and actually cause damage to your dog’s kidneys.

Ticks can be found in woodland areas, long grass and shrubs. These all make ideal homes for ticks, so the ticks lay there in wait until their preferred candidate comes along and normally the criteria is: the furrier the better. Once the unsuspecting victim passes, the ticks crawl or climb onto them, the one only good thing with ticks is that they cannot jump or fly, although this does not stop them from getting where they want to be.

dog boarding surreyThe best way to avoid ticks biting into your dog or your dog getting a full blown tick infestation is to take action now. For tick prevention you should use something like Frontline, which after applied to your dogs skin, will kill any ticks that bite into your dog both now and in the next few months.  This does not stop the ticks from crawling onto your dog in the first place but will prevent them from harming your dog and ultimately kill them in the end.

Walks with our doggie friends in spring are a great past time, not only are they enjoyable but they help to keep us healthy and give us a good change of scenery. To ensure that you are completely ready for your walks, make sure you have applied Frontline or similar on your dog, just to be on the safe side and give you one less worry.

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  • Martin Saunders

    Its the worst thing finding a tick on my Lola, it had been there a while but I didn’t notice. Thank you for the valuable information.

    • Darren James

      Pleased you found the blog of use, let us know if there are any topics in particular that you wish to read about.

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