Which breed should I get ?

Which breed should I get ?

dog boarding surreyWhen looking to buy a dog or puppy it is easy to just say ‘I want that one’ or ‘that one is cute’ or ‘I like the look of that breed’, but when it comes down to it, that specific dog may not be the most ideal breed of dog for you and your situation.

There are many factors that need to be taken into account before making your choice and these factors are:

  • The amount of time your dog will be left on his own.
  • The size of your home.
  • The additional costs involved with owning a dog.
  • Having enough spare time to dedicate to a dog.

If your dog will be left on his own often it is best to look at the breeds of dogs that don’t require constant attention and mental stimulation. Also look for breeds that have lower energy levels, as high energy level dogs can get bored and become mischievous if left on their own for too long.dog boarding surrey

The size of your home is also dependent on what breed of dog is most suitable. Generally speaking if you have a small flat a smaller breed would be most ideal, if you have a large house a larger breed would be well suited. But this does not always need to be the case; if you have a garden, balcony and you can take your dog out at least twice a day for walks, then a bigger dog in a small flat can also work.

When owning a dog the initial costs that need to be taken into account are; injections & vaccines, bedding or housing, collars & leads, worming & flea treatments and grooming tools. After the initial outlay there are the reoccurring costs of food and occasional veterinary trips for vaccines and treatment.  You need to work out what type of dog you can budget for; smaller dogs will cost less to own than larger dogs as accessories for them are smaller.  They also eat less and require smaller doses of treatments than larger dogs.

dog boarding surreyEnsuring that you have enough time to spend with your dog is a must. The amount of spare time that you have will determine which breed will be most suited to you. If you do have a fair amount of time to spend with your dog then you can choose if you want to opt for a dog with higher maintenance requirements, who may need his long coat groomed every couple of days and may require a lot of mental stimulation due to his high energy levels. It’s all up to you and the time you can dedicate to your dog.

By taking these factors into consideration and allowing the time to make the right choice about which breed of dog would be most suited for your lifestyle, you will ensure that you know what to expect and will have no problems further on down the line from making hasty decisions.

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