Why Do Dogs Bark?

Why Do Dogs Bark?

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We all know the sound of a dog bark, and the longer we spend around our dogs the more we start to notice that they have different barks for different situations.

To put it simply, dogs bark because it is their natural way of communicating, or expressing the way they are feeling at that moment.

Let’s look further into the everyday situations as to why dogs bark.


Reasons why your dog may bark:

  • Your dog wants to play
  • Your dog is poorly
  • Your dog is hungry
  • Your dog senses fear
  • Your dog is lonely
  • Your dog is greeting you

As you spend more time with your dog you should be able to read his body language and understand the different barks in order to be aware of what your dog is trying to communicate with you.

What the different barks mean?

Dogs have a variety of different barks for different situations; the barks will come in a range of frequencies and pitches.

Here are a few examples of different barks:

  • Rapid barking which comes in groups of four, with a gap, then four again and repeated. This is your dog trying to let you know that there may be a threat and for you to investigate it.
  • Continued barking, with a break, then starting again later.

This is your dog wanting attention and feeling lonely or if you are out, wondering where you are.

  • Short bark coming in either ones or twos.

This is normally when you enter the house and your dog is very excited to see you or when your dog is greeting a doggie pal or someone else.

  • The noise of your dogs bark sounds like ar-ruff

This bark means your dog wants to play and is showing playful excited behaviour.

It is completely normal for your dog to talk to you and other doggie pals by barking. However, if your dog constantly barks you will need to look into the problem further, as it could be a severe behavioural issue and you need to find out what is causing it. It could be anything from separation anxiety to an aggressively tempered dog, or even frustration from inhumane confinement.

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